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About The Om Life Community

We've all heard it before..."Energy is contagious.  Surround yourself with people who reflect who you want to be an how you want to feel."  And for those of you who have been in the practice of surrounding yourself with the highest vibrations, you've likely experienced just how transformative this can be.  

That's what this community was created for.

Who It's For

Whether you're a wellness enthusiast, passionate yogi, or a manifestor looking to fuel your growth and mind, body, spirit journey...or you're a teacher, coach, soulpreneur looking to share your light and receive support from others in the industry...this space was created for YOU.  

When you join you'll be connected instantly with our network of like-minded, heart-centered yogis, yoga teachers, and soulpreneurs.  Chat, ask questions, get/give support, and access exclusive resources/events/tips from Janice Liou and other experts!

What's Inside

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Be sure to introduce and share about yourself!  We're so excited to see you in this new space and can't wait to connect with you more! 

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